Brian Wills, President, 2018-19

Speakers for the Campaign Year


5:30-6:50 PM Cocktail Hour
7:00 PM Dinner

$39.00 per dinner reservation
(must be received by Friday before the Tuesday meeting)

Vicky Frolich
Atlanta Civil War Round Table
P. O. Box 922877
Peacntree Corners, GA 30010- 2877

Location - Directions to our meetings (Members only and invited guests)

Capital City Club - Downtown Atlanta
7 John Portman Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 523-8221

Directions to Capital City Club - Downtown/City Club


I-75/85 heading North: 
Exit at International Blvd (Exit #248C). Go west four (4) blocks and turn right on Spring St. Go north one (1) block. Turn right on John Portman Boulevard; Capital City Club is on the left. Valet parking available. 

I-75/85 heading South: 
Exit at Williams St (Exit #249C). Turn left on John Portman Boulevard. Go east one (1) block, crossing Spring St.; Capital City Club is on the left. Valet parking available.